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2015-06-26 16:54

We are back again with another hero strategy!  Below we will introduce the Marshal Canopy, Pigsy.



Ways to get:

  Summoner,3-star hero

Base Stats:


  HP: 2939   

  Normal Attack: 50/60/108 

  Physical ATK: 216

  Magic ATK: 117  

  Physical DEF: 807  

  Magic DEF: 807  

  Movement Speed:360

Hero Abilities: 

  【Sharp Rake】


Sweep forward in a certain range, dealing 0.187 physical damage. The lower the amount of Pigsy's HP, the more damage that will be dealt, up to 2 times more damage.

  【Rake Slash】


Pigsy whirls a rake behind him, taking enemies in front and tossing them behind him, dealing 0.159 physical damage.



Pigsy summons water of heaven to circle around him, losing 1% of his HP per second, and lowering enemies movement speed and defenses. Also damage over time will be dealt to the enemy. Tap again to stop the ability.

  【Divine Barrier】


DMG to Demon Heroes + 6%,DMG to Heroes below 4* + 6%,Magic damage received -6%

  【True Immortal Barrier】


DMG to Demon Heroes + 15%,DMG to Heroes below 4* + 15%,Magic damage received -30%

Asc Effect:

  The last hit of the 3-hit combo has chance to stun enemy target.

Recommended Equipment:

      Weapon:Death Mace

  Helmet:Tiger's Rage、Tao's Hat

  Clothing:Wolf Armor

  Shoes:Claret Boots