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2015-06-26 15:57

We are back again with another hero strategy! Below we will introduceBoy Sage King,RedBoy.



Ways to get:

  Realms of Heroes,3-Star Hero

Base Stats:

  Role:Devil Clan/Melee/Mage


  Normal Attack:49/62/119

  Physical ATK: 72

  Magic ATK: 314

  Physical DEF:295

  Magic DEF:295

  Movement Speed:365

Hero Abilities:

  【Red Cloud Spear】


RedBoy fires raging flames forward, dealing $A magic damage to all enemies in a straight line.

  【Fire Element Shield】


RedBoy condenses the power of true fire, forming a flaming shield that can block $B(6017) damage. When the shield disperses, it will deal $A magic damage to enemies in range. The shield can be manually dispersed.

  【Samadhi Fire】


RedBoy spits out three bursts of flames that launch forward, dealing $A magic damage. With each purst of fire, damage will be reduced if the same target is hit.

  【Devil Barrier】



DMG to Divine Heroes + 6%,DMG to Heroes below 4* +6%,Magic damage received -6%

  【True Devil Barrier】



DMG to Divine Heroes + 15%,DMG to Heroes below 4* +15%,Magic damage received -30%

Asc Effect:

  The last hit of the 3-hit combo has chance to stun enemy.

Recommended Equipment:

  Weapon:Twin Edges

  Helmet:Mask of Wolf


  Shoes:Zen Sandals

  Accessory:Jade Bangle