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Queen Iris

2016-04-07 16:06

We are back again with another hero strategy! Below we will introduce powerful hero, Queen Iris.


Ways to get

      Ranking Store, Initial 3 Star

Base Attributes:


  HP: 2504        

  Normal Attack: 37/37/127    

  Physical ATK: 58        

  Magic ATK: 395        

  Physical DEF: 393        

  Magic DEF: 393        

  Movement Speed: 375

Hero Abilities:

1.【Flying Phoenix】Can jump directly on top of the enemy causing stun, try to time your attack for best results.


2.[Azure Dragon Plunge] Queen Iris throws 3 whips forward, dealing 65(+1+55) magic damage to enemies. Enemies hit by more than one whip, will be dealt 40% damage by subsequent hits.


3.[Bloom Barricade] Passive: Deals extra true damage to a target hit by 3 normal attacks or abilities from Queen Iris. Active: Queen Iris summons a massive peony, and becomes invisible for 4 seconds. The peony deals set magic damage per second to nearby enemies.


Recommended Equipment:


  Helmet:Shadow Mask

  Clothing:Fire Robe

  Shoes:Icy Boots

  Accessory:Jade Bangle