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King Ming

2016-03-24 19:51

We are back again with another hero strategy!  Below we will introduce a powerful hero, King Ming.


Ways to get

     Special Event

Hero Abilities:

[Motionless Devil]


King Ming recites an incantation, attracting nearby enemies to himself, dealing physical damage and increasing King Ming's resistance based on the number of enemies attracted.


[Boundless Flywheel]


King Ming launches 3 golden rings that rotate outwards, dealing $A physical damage with each hit. The rings may hit the same target up to 2 times, and enemies hit within 150 range of King Ming will be dealt double damage.


[Golden Shattered Disks]


King Ming deals $A physical damage to any enemies hit when he releases and receives gold rings. When the rings hit an enemy hero or monster, it will stop and deal $E(50) damage per second and reduce the target's movement speed by 40%. When King Ming casts Motionless Devil and Limitless Rings, the location of the rings will also cast the corresponding ability. The time rings exist and distance have a limit, and when they exceed the limit, they will automatically return or you can tap again to return them.


Base Attributes:


Recommended Equipment:

       Weapon:Auric Guard

  Helmet:Tiger's Rage

  Clothing:Wolf Armor

  Shoes:Icy Boots

  Accessory:Star Amulet