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Lord Wude

2016-01-12 19:03

We are back again with another hero strategy!  Below we will introduce a powerful hero, Lord Wude.


Base Attributes:


Hero Abilities:



Wude can freely switch between flying knives and axes. When switching to axes, Wude has a heavy strike effect for 3 seconds, increasing physical piercing rate by 15%. 



When switching to knives, movement and attack speed are increased by 20% for 3 seconds.

【Waning Moon】


When Wude is wielding knives, this ability is switched to Waning Moon, summoning 3 knives that automatically circle and launch at the enemy.

【Ardent Force】


When Wude is holding axes, the ability is switched to Ardent.

【Emperor's Edge】


Switches Wude's weapon to Emperor's Edge and charges to the enemy with the lowest HP in range, dealing a 2 second stun and knocking enemies behind into the air. Emperor's Edge and normal attacks deal 15% more damage to Divine heroes, with Emperor's Edge lasting 6 seconds. Ability can be ended early.