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【Update】League of Immortals December 2nd 2015 Update maintenance announcement

2015-12-03 11:01

League ofImmortals updated version is complete! All the server maintenance is now completedat 5:00 PM on December 2nd. Scrollseekers can continue their journeyto the west! The road is long and treacherous full of exciting newchallenges... so what are you waiting for, hurry and get on your way anddominate all that comes before you.


【What’s New】

1.      Characterhero level cap raised to level 90

2.      New UtopiaAdventure mode

3.      Obtain newChaos Fragments to unlock Artifacts

a)        Receive abonus 60 fragments

b)        Defeat theHell trails to get 10 fragments, Nightmare you can receive 15 fragments

c)        Finish Utopiadaily and receive 15 fragments

d)        Random Clan territoryreward

e)        25 consecutivelogin days

4.      Clan

a)        Clan Warsbegins, join up for clan wars! The system will select 10 commanders to managetheir teams for the clan the day before the war. The Clan leader can makeadjustments as they see fit. Commanders then pick their team up to a total of 5members where they can battle against other clans!

5.      Unlockedfeatures

a)        Newcustomizable hero skins, make your heroes stand out in the battle field

b)        All newblessing stones to increase the chance when upgrading your equipment

c)        ScrollSynergy, unlock additional attribute upgrades when holding key scrolls

d)        Soul stonetransfers, transfer soul stones from one hero to another

e)        Brand newhero equipment to further specialize your favorite heroes


League of Immortals Operation Team