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Thanksgiving Event (11.25-12.01)

2015-11-26 17:25

Brave Scrollseekers,

The Thanksgiving event has begun! We here at League of Immortalsare all very thankful for your continued support, therefore we wanted tocelebrate with this amazing event!


Allow Fannie to explain to you what are thedifferent activities and prize you can get after the maintenance update!

Event time: November 25 until December 1st

Event Details:

Event one: Doubles Event

1.      Everyday firsttime pass-10 receive double the experience

2.      Everydayfirst 3 daily Versus missions, receive double the coins

3.      Every PeachBanquets, receive an extra 20 energy

Event two: Clan Events

1.      Join orcreate a clan, 10000 gold coins, random blue armor, 20 clan contribution points(Can use the in the clan store)

2.      Giveofferings to the Heavenly Dargon 20 times, 60000 gold coins, 20 clancontribution points (Can use the in the clan store)

3.      Reach leveltwo with your current clan, 30000 gold coins, 20 clan contribution points (Canuse the in the clan store)

Event three: Rankings Event

1.      Finish 10Leaderboard Ranking battles, 30000 gold coins, 100 gold ingots, 1 blue Sapphire(use to upgrade blue equipment)

Event four: Battle Rewards

1.      Win 10Mountain Challenges, 50000 gold coins, 15 soul stones (use to upgrade heroes)

2.      Win 20Deadlock Bridge Challenges, 50000 gold coins, 15 soul stones (use to upgradeheroes)

3.      Complete 3WiFi duels, 20000 gold coins, random blue weapon

Event Five: Top-up

1.      Top-up 60gold ingots, 30000 gold coins, 50 gold ingots, MoonShadow armor (purple)

2.      Top-up 980gold ingots, 50000 gold coins, 100 gold ingots, 2 spirit amethyst (upgradepurple equipment star)

3.      Top-up 3600gold ingots, 100000 gold coins, 150 gold ingots, 2 gold stone (upgrade purpleequipment star)

4.      Top-up 9900gold ingots, 150000 gold coins, 300 gold ingots, 2 gold stone (upgrade purpleequipment star),  Ziwei Mirror accessory(Gold)

Event six: Fusion or Forging

1.      Get a purpleequipment by Fusion or Forging, 50000 gold coins, 1 spirit amethyst (upgradepurple equipment star)

2.      Get a goldenequipment by Fusion or Forging 50000 gold coins, 1 gold stone (upgrade purpleequipment star)

Event seven: instantly get 88888 gold coins, 88 gold ingots,and 5 lvl4 immortality pills (increase hero exp)

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