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2015-11-17 12:54

A long, long time ago, ten suns suddenly appeared in thesky at the same time, and their combined heat made the life in the mortal worldunbearable. The earth began to crack, plants started dying, and people andanimals gradually became weaker due to the intense heat.



One day, a man by the name of HouYi decided to shoot down the suns so that he could save the world from destruction. With the nine special arrows from his father, he successfully shot down nine of the suns and became the people's Hero. What the people did not know was that HouYi was actually a descendant of the Devil.Nonetheless, he had always hated the fact that he was carrying devil blood, and he had tried getting rid of whatever links he had with the Devil. Now that he was a Hero, he thought that he would finally be accepted by the world and began his life as a normal human being. Meeting that beautiful woman and falling in love with her was something which HouYi had never expected. Subsequently, he got married to Chang'e, and the two of them began their blissful life together,until that man appeared. That man had come with a warning and a gift from his father. The warning consisted of only one word – destiny, and the gift was a remnant from an arrow, the arrow which HouYi had used to shoot down the suns.Before the man left, he told HouYi that Chang'e was an immortal sent from the Heavenly Palace and that her purpose of being near him was to find the remnant of the sun-shooting arrow. HouYi did not believe the man, and hence, he decided to test Chang'e so that he could prove him wrong. When he drew his bow, he was only trying to test Chang'e. However, when the latter suddenly took out a Moon Wheel out of thin air, he knew that he had been deceived by his wife. 

Ways toget

  Activity, Initial 3 Stars

Base Attributes:

  Role:                         Devil / Ranged / Warrior

  HP:                            2137

  Normal Attack:          65 / 70 / 196

  Physical Attack:        461

  Magic Attack:            0

  Physical Defense:     246

  Magic Defense:        246

  Movement Speed:    370

Hero Abilities:

Solar Arrows


HouYi shoots an immobilizing arrow, dealing a bonus of 13% physical damage to enemy hit with a brief immobilized effect. The arrow can maximum immobilize 3 enemy targets.

Golden Crow Blast


Use the power of a Golden Crow to jump forward a small distance, and increase the damage of HouYi's next normal attack by a bonus of 8% physical damage.

Solar Arrow


HouYi receives a Golden Crow every 5 seconds (She may collect a max of 5). The Golden Crows will provide HouYi with additional pure damage. After actively casting this ability, all collected Golden Crows will be used, dealing a bonus 27%physical damage and giving the enemy a bleeding status. The more crows used,the higher the damage will be.

Devil Character


Once the hero is 4 Stars, you’ll receive a passive ability. Against Divine and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 6% .Debuff statuses every 12sec.

True Devil Character


Once the hero is 5 Stars, you’ll receive a passive ability. Against Divine and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 15% .Debuff statuses every 6sec.

Asc Effect

The last hit of the 3-hit combo has  chance to stun enemy target 

Recommended Equipment: 

  Weapon:      Tiger's SoulGourd Rod

  Helmet:        Ruby Hoop

  Clothing:      Hydra's Roar

  Shoes:         Star Chaser

  Accessory:   Jade Pendant, Red Phoenix




Hero Comments

Shura Wars: While HouYi has excellent damage output and good crowd control ability his weakness will be apparent once his opponents gets too close to him as his defense is low. For that he’s not a favor for Shura Wars. Shura Rating:  ★★ ☆☆☆

Ranking: If HouYi was born earlier perhaps it would be a different situation. Again his defense is his weakness and if you get a hero like Goldie doing a surprise attack, he will melt away faster than the sun’s he shot down. Ranking Rating: ★★ ☆☆☆

Story: If you back him as a backup damage output he can be considered a possible hero to use. His short cooldowns promise a high amount of damage, however in the missions or long fights where survivability is required, he will be fast to fall. Story Rating: ★★★ ☆☆

NightChat: This is where HouYi can shine bright like a sun. His high damage output and quick cooldown is a great asset when it comes to fighting the Obsessor. NightChat Rating: ★★★★ ☆