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Elementary tutorial of League of Immortals—about hero’s star rating

2015-10-30 16:46

In League of Immortals, Hero’s star ratingis very important, which not only influences Race, but also can enhance ourpower hugely.

What is star rating


In the game, every hero has their own starrating. Their level will also increase by upgrading star rating, and thehighest rating they can reach is 5. This process is upgrading star rating.

Whatis the benefit of upgrading star rating?


Whatyou can benefit most from upgrading star rating is to make heroes exert theirRace ability and also slightly increase their attributes. Race ability cangenerate a great deal of restraint effect when players want to restrainopponent hero in battle.



In the game, star rating can be upgraded byHero Pledge. If 5 heroes pledge at the same time, at least 18 souls can beobtained. Besides, players can also exchange Psychic Souls for hero soulsthrough Summoner. Every 30 Psychic Souls can exchange for 30 hero souls. PsychicSouls can also be obtained from Bounties and Gold Alms.

What should you notice when upgrading starrating?

One thing you have to know is that you mustupgrade your main hero to four-star, then you can consider pursuing five-star. Becausebased on their Race ability, heroes below four-star will all be considered as restraintrace. Plus the requirement for a four-star hero to upgrade to 5-star is the sameas that for two three-star heroes to upgrade to four-star. So you shouldupgrade your main hero to for-star to avoid restraint.

Requirement for upgrading one-star totwo-star: 20 fragments

Requirement forupgrading two-star to three-star: 60 fragments 

Requirement for upgrading three-star tofour-star: 180 fragments

Requirementfor upgrading four-star to five-star:360 fragments


Apart from increasing heroes’ attributes,it will also enhance their power hugely. Take Goldie for example, it’s raceability True Devil Safeguard will be released after reaching five-star. Damageto  Divine Heroes and Heroes below four-starwill increase by 15%, and Physical defense received will decrease by 30%, whichmeans Goldie will improve a lot when dealing with intelligence Heroes afterreaching five-star. So you’d better rush to five-star after your main hero reach4-star.