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2015-10-22 18:42

I love to see the painful expression on a person's face after his lies has been exposed.....



A thousand years ago, a mortal by the name of Chang'e saved her from a group of rowdy children and then kept the rabbit by her side. Since then, the rabbit no longer have to worry about her food or being captured, and she even had a name, Jade. Chang'e was later taken in by a priest who guided her towards immortality. After she became an immortal, she moved into the Moon Palace and brought Jade along with her, and the two of them then lived happily together in the Heavenly Kingdom. One day, however, Chang'e suddenly told Jade that she was going to the mortal world after hearing the story of the man who shot the suns. Chang'e had fallen in love with the man whose name was HouYi, and she had decided to marry him! Jade was shocked and wanted to tell Chang'e that those so-called love were nothing but lies and a form of self-deception in the lives of the mortal beings. Jade waited for a very long time, but her master did not return from the mortal world. She finally realized that she was only a pet, and that the so-called love which Chang'e was searching for was something which was more important than her. Her worries slowly turned to fear, and then to indifference, and finally to fearlessness. She was determined to tear off the beautiful mask of love so that she could show Chang'e the ugliness and hypocrisy underneath once she managed to go to the mortal world! But in the end, it was too late to help Chang'e. HouYi had already fired off his arrows and Chang'e was nowhere to be found.

Ways to get

  Activity, Initial 3 Stars

Base Attributes:

  Role:                          Immortal / Support / Mage

  HP:                            2275

  Normal Attack:          51 / 70 / 120

  Physical Attack:         0

  Magic Attack:            393

  Physical Defense:      492

  Magic Defense:         682

  Movement Speed:     365

Hero Abilities:

Rabbit Eyes


The Jade Rabbit waves her staff, turning enemies in front of her into harmless bunnies, greatly reducing their defense. The ability at most can transform 2 enemies, dealing some magic damage when they transform back into their original form.There is a 15 second cool down timer using this spell. 

Radish Seeds


The Jade Hare plants a radish that automatically attacks nearby enemies. Damage dealt by the radish is affected by the strength and magic power of Jade. There can be a maximum of 3 radishes on the map at any given time, and Jade receives one tower every 15 seconds.

Growth Spurt


Jade spins her staff, making herself and surrounding radishes grow bigger, increasing the movement speed and attack speed of nearby friendly Heroes. The radishes attack speed is increased by 100% and Jade's attack speed and movement speed is increased by 20%. Nearby friendly units' movement speed will be increased by 20% and their attack speed will be increased slightly.

Immortal Barrier


Once the hero is 4 Stars, you'll receive this passive ability. Against Divine Race and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 6% and all magic attack damage is reduced by 6%.

True Immortal Barrier


Once the hero is 5 Stars, you'll receive this passive ability. Against Divine Race and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 15% and all magic attack damage is reduced by 30%.

Asc Effect:

The last hit of the 3-hit combo attack has chance to silence enemy target. 

Recommended Equipment:

Jade does not have any specific strong points when equipping her. She has a low amount of physical defense, hence can be easily killed by any physically strong heroes. 

       Weapon:      Auric Staff

  Helmet:        Golden Hat

  Clothing:      Moonshadow

  Shoes:         Sun Chaser

  Accessory:   Star Amulet




Hero Comments

Shura Wars: She is able to reduce the enemies' defense fairly quickly but she does not really have the damage output to take out her enemies before they get too close. So with that she is not a Shura favorite. Shura Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Ranking: Jade is a decent pick when looking at Ranking matches because of her ability to reduce enemy defense. Along with her Rabbit Eyes transformation skill can help put your team in favor, however you do need to remember the spell is random so in some cases the transformation skill might not turn the desired hero into a rabbit. Ranking Rating: ★★★☆☆

Story: She is not recommended for the story mode. Although she does have the ability to control some of the opponents, she has little to no physical protection which will bring down the overall team efforts. Story Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

NightChat: Jade's long term damage output is low, she is better for crowd control and reducing defense of her opponents, both which are not necessary for the NightChat battle. NightChat Rating:★☆☆☆☆