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Tutorial of God's Path

2015-10-13 14:55

God's Path is rough, but once you passthrough, you will get unexampled great rewards. So , how to pass through it successfully? Please read carefully.


What is God's Path?

Getting immortals rank is everyone’s dream. Whoever can travel through God's Path will certainly become legendary in the Three Realms and gain countless rewards during the journey! There are many Divine Ranks in God's Path. Players can constantly challenge by making different heroes team up and adjusting the scrolls that fit each hero. Finish the challenge, you will get very strong equipment and items.


What you have to bear in mind in God's Path

Before the battle in each stage, you should pay attention to its feature, which is very important. For example, the feature of Zhenjun - Grade 5 is: During the battle, the Magic defense of all Heroes from both teams will reduce by 30%, so now you should consider using Mage heroes to battle.


When the battle begins, you will see heroes formation of your opponent so that you can make a formation in your favor according to that.



You can redeploy at each stage when you challenge. Remember to use scroll, equipment and heroes flexibly. Try to make the best strategy for the stage instead of maximum attack.

The positions of heroes are also very important when you deploy. In order to pass the stage, you should put high-defense heroes in the front, high-attack heroes in the middle and high-HP heroes in the back. You can even consider using high-attack heroes to dosurprise attack.

How to pass God’s Path easily

Actually, as a special feature with particularly abundant rewards, God’s path has its unique difficulties. It is hard to give target tutorial because it has so many stages and different characteristic in each stage. But I can still provide some normal advice for you.

Formation 1: Fann + Yama + Jizo.


Reasons: This formation is very affordable.You can get those heroes very quickly even if you don’t purchase. And it is also very classic, both good for attack and defense. As you are not very familiar with each Divine rank, it’s better for you to make the best of your defense so that you may have a chance to win. Fann can provide a good supply of HP for you, and both Jizo and Yama can replenish HP as well. So this formation is quite hard to defeat, which can help you pass many stages.

Formation 2: Hyun+ Erlang+ Jinn


Reasons: This is a very expensive formation, and the difference between it and the first one is that this one emphasize sattack. These three heroes all have good control skills, among which Erlang can reduce speed, Jinn can support in a wide range, and Hyun has the skill to stun enemy. The point is that they all have very good attributes and excellent attack. With strongest equipment, they would make an unbeatable team.

Of course, as a feature with the greatest rewards, there is no perfect formation in God’s Path that can be applied to all stages. If you want to pass God’s Path and get the strongest Divine rank, you must have abundant heroes supply, a full set of equipment and corresponding scroll to each stage. Only in this way can you walk further in God’s Path.