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Clearing Dojo 'NIGHTMARE'

2015-09-25 19:36

Yes this guide is going toteach/give u tips on how to clear dojo on nightmare difficulty.
So here are some tips of how i cleared it.
1.Hero line up
Well when we come to picking which hero, it ultimately comes down to obivouslypicking 'JIZO' as your tank.
Jizo is just the best tank in the game in my opinon, his high hp, shields andnot forgetting his HP regen skills are too good to pass up.
Now we move on to your damage dealer, well for me i personally went for'GOLDIE'.
Why? His skills fit perfectly for dojo, his imfued frost basically enables himto attack multiple mobs with ease. And in times of trouble
once you have mastered the skill of using his cloud drift you can actually tankup to 3 attacks without taking any dmg whilst kiting some mobs if you are introuble.
Okay lastly your support, for me it was really between 'GUANYIN' & 'FANN'.I have cleared using both heroes before. 

It comes down to personal perference in the end. Do you want more AOE dmg?Lesser CD? Big Heals? Utility?
Personally i would go with 'FANN'. Her heal CD is much faster regardless ofitems, and her heal timed well with JIZO's Karma judgement which increases hisHP regen makes him
go into overdrive and simply heal up to max. Her utility coming from Xumi windalso helps when big packs of mobs are spawned or when you just want to stun totake off
the pressure. And not missing out her Palm-leaf fan, pair this with someM.Leech and she can practially heal herself each time you use it or you canactually also become
a meat shield when your JIZO needs some time off.

Okay so this is one of the important component that people have to know.Regardless of the other scrolls that you use, using 'PURE LAND' scroll is aMUST. Why? Read the stats ladies and gentleman. Increases ALL allied heroe's HPregen and healing effects by XX%. How many people understand how awesome isthis paired with JIZO and FANN. This scroll practically overclocks both heros.And if your GOLDIE is equipped with some P.leech items, he also gets buffed. Soi cannot stress how important the use of this scroll is.

Okay so this part is not very important but its just some tips of the kind ofitems i used for my heros.
So for my JIZO i have him at a pure P/M. DMG PB. This makes him a beast of atank with high hp and returning all dmg to all mobs during his taunt/tanking.All my items are also equipped with MAX HP and INT/reduce CD on secondarystats.
For GOLDIE, i went for CRIT based attacker. This enables him to have more dmg.I also have a few CD items for him to use his skills more often. And lastly idid put some P.leech on him for the buff from the 'PURE LAND” scroll.
Lastly FANN. Well this was the tricky part, i started of trying reduce CD itemson her and i realize that the CD of her heal did not need to be so short. So iopted for a 'DAMAGE DOING' sort of build. I built her with CRIT and i foundthis amazing. There are certain times that her heal was a FULL heal to all mycharacters that were below 50% hp. I also equipped her with a M.leech item andfound it ridiculous that at times of massive mob spawning just using herPalm-leaf fan enabled her to heal ALOT of hp.

Okay so lastly my strategy. Its pretty simple. JIZO will always be the manyfocus of tanking and GOLDIE will be dpsing. So the trick here is to controlyour FANN very well. Using her to kite when mobs are aiming her, using her Xumiwind to stun mobs when there is a need to. Healing off CD. And knowing when touse Palm-leaf fan to utilise the most dmg and M.leech back for her. Its reallysimple once you get a hold of it. Sadly i cant teach you how to do it but ihope this guide enables you to have a broader idea of how to clear dojo at'NIGHTMARE'. Peace out.