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How to top the leadership board

2015-09-25 19:31

Step 1!
You must at least reach VIP 7 once you start in a new server. Reason being VIP7 allows you to exchange enlightenment stones at 'Summoner' 6 times a day. (VIP6and below > 3 Times a Day) 
Step 2!
With all the ingots you cashed in, purchase at least 5 Summoner Drawx10. (Youcan buy more if you need but the rest I spent it on Arsenal ^^) This is crucialas this will give you at least 5x 3-Stars Hero that you will need for overallperformance in the game for example Celestial Destiny and the selection ofheros good in AoE or 1v1. However what is more important will be the additionalPsychic Souls that will get from repeatable Heros and that will be the main keyto climbing the power ranking. 
Step 3!
What is your main aim when you first start? 
1. Get 3x 5-Star Hero as soon as possible. Why? To unlock Celestial Destinythat's why smile emoticon
2. Complete as many quests as you can even if you do not get 3 stars for themsince you can come back and grab all the stars later. The main point is theunlock all the adventures such as Arsenal and Scrolls and Asura. UnlockingAsura will entitle you the ability to gain Asura Points earlier. I mean reallyearly!
3. Get 5 Scrolls once you unlock it. Once unlock, only fight characters thatgive you 3 Scrolls only! 2 scrolls are not worth it. 
4. Climb the Ranking as must as you can since all the scrollseekers are quiteeasy to defeat. Recommend that you purchase up to 3 additional chances inbattling in ranking until you reach Diamond.
5. Save up as much money as you can even if you do not spend much at theearlier stages. 
6. Keep all the equipment you got. Be it white or green just keep them and fusefor better grade equipment. Never sell them!
Step 4!
With Step 3 in your mind, what are some guidelines to help you achieve them?

Tip for achieving Step 3 Number 1:

Must buy VIP Exclusive Package under Events every Monday! 
Day 1: 6x 30 Psychic Souls will get your 2nd best hero to 4 stars. (Wukong isalready your first 5 Star Hero) 
Day 2 and 3: 12x 30 Psychic Soul will get you your 2nd 5 Star Hero.
Day 4 and 5: You will be able to exchange for 180 Psychic Soul for yourstarting hero (Recommend Nezha) + 180 Psychic Soul from Summoner and that willget you your 3rd 5 Star Hero. 
If you unlock Celestial Destiny at the fifth day, you are definitely one of thetop 10 in raw power even if you compare to someone that is VIP15. 

Tip for achieving Step 3 Number 2: 

Do not waste your energy to Passx10 on the earlier stages as they are a waste.Climb all the way to Chapter 7 Boss before you start farming the boss level.You will need Ascension Pill to further upgrade your hero. Do not waste energyon other stages that do not give Ascension Pills.
Do not miss any Banquet or you will lose out on Energy!
Spend Ingots to buy all Energy you can for the day! Do not worry about spendingtoo much ingot because it is all worth it in the end. 

Tip for achieving Step 3 Number 5:
Do not underestimate money as you will soon go broke at higher levels fromenhancing equipment. If you have the time, spend your vitality on 'Versus' toget more gold. Must buy Coin Package from VIP Gift Bundle every Monday!
Never sell your equipment but fuse them!
Here are some trivial for you ^^
Best 4 Hero (Best to have!)
1. Jizo (Ranking, Quest, Versus, Dojo)
2. Yama (Everything)
3. Goldie (Asura, Ranking, Versus, Dojo)
4. Fann (Banquet, Quest, Dojo)

Best 7 Scrolls (Best to have!)
1. Fixed (When HP < 50%, a Shield will be provided)
2. Jingang (Increase Physical Def.)
3. Void (Increase Magical Def.)
4. Immeasurable (Increase HP) 
5. Sloth Barrier (Decrease Opponent HP, works the same way as Immeasurable) 
6. Solemn (Increase in Str = Higher % of HP)
7. Bao Hua (Increase in Int = Higher % of HP) 

6 & 7 can be bought from Ranking exchange list.