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Launch of League of Immortals Seventh Server [Lethe]

2015-09-24 19:47


 “LeagueofImmortals” will be launching its eighth server [Lethe] at 12:00 on the 24thof September and we have prepared lots of attractive gifts for you! Moreexcitingevents will also be coming your way soon! What are you waiting for?Join us inthe incredible journey to the west now!


MonthlyCard Event

Purchase300Ingots and receive 100 Ingots for every consecutive day you log in for 30Days.

 Event 1Free Ingots CumulativeTop-up Event

 Event2Log-in Reward - DevilSun (Sign in for 7consecutive days)


 Event4First Top-up SupremePackage

 Event5The Birth of WuKong(Accumulate top-ups to certainVIP levels to receive 4/5-Star Wukong)

 Event6VIP Exclusive Gift Pack(Top-up more to receive more gifts)

Formoredetails on the events, please check out the following page



Pleased to announce the opening of theFriends Invite Event!

Click here to take part: http://loi.funplus.com/sharereward/


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 “League of Immortals” OfficialFanpagehttps://www.facebook.com/ImmortalsFunplus