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A detailed Tutorial on clan boss of League of Immortals

2015-09-11 17:53

Clanboss is the most central feature of clan system, which requires the whole clanto kill boss together. Meanwhile it is also a quest that needs cohesiveness andsolidarity of a clan most. So how can we kill clan boss? Please read thefollowing tutorial.

What isclan boss?

Clanboss is a feature open when a clan reaches level 3. The whole clan needs tokill Kirin boss within 30 minutes after it is summoned, otherwise the bosswould escape. Lots of rewards can be received after each kill.


What isthe reward for killing clan boss?

Duringthe process of killing boss, system rewards alone are very plentiful: In thefirst four challenges, you will get clan points and coins. After finishingkilling, you will also get other rewards such as blue Enchant Stones, purple EnchantStones and purple equipment. This is one of the best choices to increase yourfighting capacity.


Thenwhat should we bear in mind before killing boss?

Kirin isthe biggest one among clan boss, so it needs all the clan members to fight together.So it’s better to summon Kirin when you have many members online.


Aftereach kill, the difficulty of killing boss will increase. So the whole clanmight be stuck in a certain level. However, do not be afraid to start thisquest, because apart from the rewards after killing boss, you can get 500 clanpoints simply by summoning it. Besides, only if you keep killing boss at aregular time can your clan members form a habit to fight boss.


Thehigher VIP level the one who summons boss has, the more damage bonus his leaguemembers will obtain when killing boss. So it’s better to summon boss withhigher VIP level.


First,please remember the attack power of clan boss is not low. It couldn’t endure150 seconds without supply. So Jizo can forcibly absorb damage to cooperate withGoldie so that they can create high attack power. After all, attack powermatters most. Clan boss is different from nightchat boss. Nightchat boss canreplace all the defense scroll with a set of attack scroll, but clan bosscannot do that.


Second,some player may have noticed that Jizo doesn’t have attach power. A better wayis to use 2 attacking heroes with 1 supply hero, and use Pure Land scroll. Andall the attack position should be distributed properly to share damage, thenuse Iron Fan’s skill to restore HP after two heroes both have little HP left. Ifpossible, try to choose hero with strong defense and attack, such as Yama, whichwould make it easier to kill Kirin.


Last, wewould like to recommend a hero which you may not notice normally, Axell. In clan boss, a well-built Axell can makea big difference. It’s third skill, Battle Courage with 25% leech, can make itsurvive longest and create most attack power, so players who don’t have a goodattack power can consider building a Axell to deal with clan boss.