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Mol and Mycard for Android

2015-09-06 15:03

Dear Scrollseekers,

Were youwondering how to pay for ingots without credit or debit cards? Or, perhaps anotherway to purchase ingots in-game? 

 There are somthing we need to take notice when using Mol and Mycard as below:

1. Top-up on IOS device can only be done through IOS account.There is no channel to top-up through Mol or Mycard on IOS device, which are only available on Android device.

2. If you can not find [Payment] option on Android device, please delete your game, then download and install it again in our official webset or Google Play ( our official webset: http://loi.funplus.com/)

3.Make sure you had binded Facebook or Email to your game. (In order to log in your game character which you played previously.)

Now, Fannie will teach you how to buy ingotswith MOL or MyCard on Android devices.


Step1: Select [Payments] at the top.


Step 2: Afterentering [Payments], choose the corresponding option from your location.