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Chapter 6-1 Strategy Guide

2015-08-28 15:24

3-Star Completion Criteria:

·        Defeat Jizo

·        Defeat all the ghosts

·        Complete the stage in 120 seconds

Stage Introduction:

Many players do not know where to find theinvisible ghosts, and at the same time, we are required to complete the stagein 120 seconds. We can use an AOE Hero like Fann but her ultimate skill takesup a very long time, hence, it would be better to use Silver instead. We canalso make use of the scroll “Insight” but do take note that Jizo possessesrebound skills.



We can equip the team with the scroll“Insight” (allows us to see invisible enemy units and increase damage dealt tothem; the scroll can be obtained through Get Scroll or exchanged via FairyGift). Also, when Jizo is casting his rebound skills, remember to stop your DPSHeroes in time so as to allow them to cast their skills only when their HPs arewithin safe limits. For the invisible ghosts’ locations, refer to the followingpicture.

Locations of the 3 invisible ghosts: 

You canfind the first ghost on the platform after turning right from the entrance. 


Thesecond ghost is standing by a grave below a tree.


And the third one is belowthe bridge.