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2015-07-22 10:36

I will save all the beings within the Three Realms!



Guanyin has the highest wisdom among all beings and she is one of the most widely revered Bodhisattva within the Three Realms. For the past million years, she has tried her best to reach out to all the beings who needed help. She had even thought that all beings within the Three Realms would be able to transcend with the guidance of her father, Rulai Buddha, until a monkey born from a rock suddenly appeared a thousand years ago and changed everything. Guanyin was one of the first who could see the destiny of that monkey. After observing the Three Realms for a million years, she was glad that she could finally see the change that she had been looking forward to. With excitement, she told the news to her father, but was told instead to just wait and observe the situation quietly.

One day, Guanyin suddenly heard about the news of Wukong wreaking havoc in the Heavenly Kingdom. Before she could figure out what was going on, she found out that the monkey had already been imprisoned under the Mountain of Five Elements. She was then given a task by her father, which was to guide Wukong on his journey to obtain the Buddhist scrolls from the west in five hundred years' time. 

Ways to get:

  Summoner , Initial 3 Stars

Base Attributes:

  Role:                       Divine / Support / Ranged

  HP:                          2319    

  Normal Attack:        56 / 62 / 99    

  Physical Attack:       0     

  Magic Attack:          393    

  Physical Defense:     49    

  Magic Defense:        285   

  Movement Speed:   355   

Hero Abilities:

Glimmer of Tranquility


Guanyin casts the essence of willow leaves dealing magic damage to an enemy target.



Surrender and repent. Guanyin deals magic damage based upon 40% of the physical and magic strength of the enemy with the highest damage in a certain range, and then also transfers that amount as a buff to a friendly unit also in range. 



Guanyin chants mantras, greatly increasing HP regen for all friendly Heroes.

Divine Character


Once the hero is 4 Stars, you’ll receive a passive ability. Against Demon and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 6% and debuff status every 12sec.

True Divine Character


Once the hero is 5 Stars, you’ll receive a passive ability. Against Demon and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 15% and debuff status every 6sec.

Asc Effect:

The last hit of the 3-hit combo has chance to silence enemy target.

Recommended Equipment: 

 Because the cooldown on her skills are quite long it is suggested to use reduce cooldown equipment on her. You can also equip some critical strike chance equipment to help increase her overall DPS.

  Weapon:      Auric Staff

  Helmet:        Golden Hat,Mask of Wolf

  Clothing:      Moonshadow

  Shoes:         Pearly Boots

  Accessory:   Star Amulet




Hero Comments

Shura Wars: Guanyin is purely a support hero and without the protection and the DPS of her other teammates, she is rather useless in Shura Wars. Because scrolls abilities are not affected in Shura, also with the fact that her overall DPS is very low, she is not favored to use in Shura Wars. Shura Rating: ★ ☆☆☆☆

Ranking: You would think that in Ranking matches having her support skills would be very helpful, but in most cases it does not work out because of the long cooldown timers. Chances are you would put Guanyin in the back of the fight so if your opponent uses the surprise attack, she would we be picked off almost instantly. She also has no crowd control ability which in most cases is very useful in Ranking matches. Ranking Rating: ★ ☆☆☆☆

Story: Guanyin in the story mode could be useful to keep your team alive, especially if you are lacking a tanking hero,however again the cooldown timers and the lack of DPS could play against you in long fights. She does however have a particular mission that you are required to use her if you wish to attain 3 stars. Story Ranking: ★★★ ☆☆

NightChat: It’s pretty obvious that she is completely useless in the NightChat battle as she has very little DPS and keeping your heroes alive in this battle is not important. NightChat Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆