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2015-07-22 10:15

Only when all livings beings have been saved, will I attain Bodhi...



Given his powers, Jizo should have achieved Buddhahood long ago but he was well known for his vow to attain Bodhi only until all Hells are emptied. He was only concerned about the hell-beings and he never inquired about the matters of the Three Realms. A thousand years ago,when Wukong appeared in the Underworld and created chaos, Di Ting, a psychic divine creature, suddenly displayed unusually disturbed behavior. Jizo knew that the abnormality in Di Ting’s behavior was not due to the chaotic situation in the Underworld. Instead, it was because Di Ting could sense the immense power of Wukong, the power that will cause a great change within the Three Realms. Five hundred years after that incident, Wukong appeared before Jizo again, together with an identical monkey. They had come to the Underworld to seek the help of Di Ting in identifying the real Wukong. Of course, Di Ting could easily distinguish between the two. However, he did not divulge anything and at that moment, Jizo saw fear in Di Ting’s eyes for the first time. Jizo had never expected that Buddha would be the one that had been manipulating all these happenings behind the scene. Now that he had discovered the truth, Jizo knew that he could not just stand by anymore, especially since it involved the well-being of everyone within the Three Realms….

Ways to get:

  Summoner, Initial 1 Star

Base Attributes:

  Role:                            Divine / Tank / Melee

  HP:                              1602

  Normal Attack:            36 / 41 / 93

  Physical Attack:           0

  Magic Attack:              57

  Physical Defense:        660

  Magic Defense:           660

  Movement Speed:       375


Hero Abilities:

Broken Curse


Jizo summons an orb to attack nearby enemies, dealing magic damage. Enemies that take damage will also be taunted for 2 seconds.

Karma Judgement


Jizo grasps an amulet of truth for 5 seconds, increasing any healing spells cast on Jizo by 150%, and 10% of the damage of any attack landed on Jizo will be added to his magic attack values.



Increases Jizo's max HP amount 15%, receiving an extra 200 HP, and will take 50% of any damage received by friendly Heroes in range. 

Divine Elements


Once the hero is 4 Stars, you’ll receive a passive ability. Against Demon race and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 6% and during control all attack is reduced by 28%.

True Divine Elements


Once the hero is 5 Stars, you’ll receive a passive ability. Against Demon race and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 15% and during control all attack is reduced by 70%.

Asc Effect:

The last hit of the 3-hit combo has chance to stun enemy target.

Recommended Equipment: 


Weapon:             Silver Sash

Helmet:               Tiger's Rage,Tao's Hat

Clothing:              Wolf Armor

Shoes:                 Icy Boots

Accessory:          Amethyst




Hero Comments:

Shura Wars: Jizo is not a bad pick for Shura Wars. If pitted against a weaker hero, he will fight them to the death. Just keep your cooldown timer in mind when selecting your opponent, especially if the enemy hero is high damage or life leaching as your healing abilities are good, but best when fighting in a team and not solo. Shura Wars Rating: ★★★ ☆☆

Ranking: Jizo, Jizo everywhere! Jizo in the Ranking’s is probably one of the better heroes to select in your team because he can mitigate your teammates incoming damage with his skills. Having himteamed up with some high damage heroes, you can quickly advance up the Rankingladders. You’ll see that having Jizo’s typically create longer matches where both sides are dishing out as much damage as possible. Ranking Rating: ★★★★★

Story: Using Jizo in the story mode is also extremely useful since he can adapt to any and all the scenarios in the Story. His healing ability plus reflection is extremely useful in keeping the rest of your team alive, especially in long fights or difficult bosses. Story Rating: ★★★★★

NightChat: Like other tanking heroes, his damage output is not very high so in the NightChat battle where damage is more important instead of protecting your team mates, Jizo is not really favored to pick. NightChat Rating: ★☆☆☆☆