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2015-07-22 10:09

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Jinn's actual last name was not Li, and he was just a little gangster at the outskirts of Old Pond Pass who had been earning his living through swindling. When General Li passed on due to sickness, Jinn managed to deceive the Li family into believing that he was the illegitimate son of the general. Eventually, he took over General Li’s position and even got promoted to be the Commander Officer of Old Pond Pass. Since then,Jinn had been fighting in countless battles from the mortal world to Heaven and he had not been defeated even once. To the rest, Jinn was an invincible Hero who only did honorable acts. However, what the people did not know was what Jinn had been secretly doing behind the scenes in order to achieve his objectives.  Jinn never left any traces of his deeds, as he did not want to have even a single stain in his glorious life. However, everything changed when his third son, Nezha was born. 

Ways to get:

      Summoner, Initial 3 Stars

Base Attributes:

  Role:                      Melee/Support     

  HP:                        2502       

  Normal Attack:      52 / 57 / 93    

  Physical Attack:     196       

  Magic Attack:         196       

  Physical Defense:   688       

  Magic Defense:      492       

  Movement Speed:  370       

Hero Abilities:

Blade of Heavens


Tower King brandishes the blade of heavens, attacking enemies in front of him and dealing 104 physical damage. If the enemy is stunned, or frozen, or dread status, then the damage will for sure be a critical hit.

Ornate Tower


The Tower King places an ornate pagoda before him that cannot move, but will automatically attack nearby enemies. Also, the tower will provide Tower King a 10% bonus in physical and magic attack strength.

Magic Mirror


The Tower King resorts to the magic mirror. The magic mirror will illuminate and follow enemy Heroes, decreasing the physical and magic defense of the Hero being followed by 20%. In addition, movement speed is reduced by 25% and they will be unable to go invisible. If this ability is cast again, it unlocks the power of the mirror, stunning the target for 2 seconds and dealing magic damage.

Immortal Barrier


Once the hero is 4 Stars, you’ll receive a passive ability. Against Devil race and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 6% and all magic attack is reduced by 6%.

True Immortal Barrier


Once the hero is 5 Stars, you’ll receive a passive ability. Against Devil race and other heroes under 4 stars, damage is increased by 15% and all magic attack is reduced by 30%.

Asc Effect:

The last hit of the 3-hit combo reduces enemy's physical defense. 

Recommended Equipment:

  Weapon:       Hydra Sword,Moye's Sword

  Helmet:         Azure Pearls

  Clothing:       Moonshadow

  Shoes:           Zen Sandals

  Accessory:    Star Amulet




Hero Comments:

Shura Wars: Jinn status in the Shura is particular. His biggest advantage is that if you cast your spells accordingly you can insure maximum damage to your enemy. Along with be able to cast his Pagoda for additional damage is helpful. However if his opponent is a high damage hero he could have difficulties taking them out before himself falls. Shura War Rating: ★★★☆☆

Rankings: Jinn can play a decent support role for the Ranking battles because of his decent DPS, but his skill cooldowns are a bit long which could bring down the rest of the team if faced against high attack heroes. Ranking Ratings: ★★ ☆☆☆

Story: Jinn is not a preferred hero for the storyline missions. However in the third mission of each chapter he could be useful as a support by being able to provide crowd control and support his team by providing the team with additional maximum DPS. Story Rating: ★★ ☆☆☆

NightChat: In the long battle of NightChat Jinn is an alright hero. His bonus damage mostly comes from his skills, howeverthe cooldown timers are a bit long. The Pagoda can help make up for some of the lack of DPS. NightChat Rating: ★★☆☆☆